Ken Tucker about stalinism in the United States Politics

12. 24. 2017. The Yahoo TV News

A Troll Under a Christmas Tree

On top of facism, stalinism has also arrived in the United States Politics

«blah, blah, blah…»

What is, at least, one thing; that he has done right or good for the first year?

He sits under the tree among the toys and the holiday hollies -- symbols of the Nativity of Christ.

But he did not say a word about Christmas and nor of Christ. And what he created for

his first year of his reign can only be described as this:

God-fighting and misanthropic…

The crimes of Trump against Americans and as well as humanity


1. He did not publish his tax returns which he promised to do during the election campaign. He is hiding his income from the People and from the Law, which is a criminal offense.


2. He lives in Florida and New York -- not in the White House. He makes trips to Florida (Mar-a-Largo) with his whole family and retinue at the expense of the State, which is forbidden by US law. Trump ignores and behaves like a foreigner in his own country. He ignored the White House even for the Christmas.


3. His supporters (Richard Spencer, etc.) openly propagandize fascism, racism, violence and discrimination. In the U.S., KKK activity has sharply increased in many states.


4. Continued religious discrimination. 27 people have been shot in a Baptist church in Texas, Sutherland Springs, on November 4th.


5. PEOPLE HAVE STARTED TO DISAPPEAR. Tramp’s security forces have attacked innocent children of immigrants and arrested them without any explanation. They throw them in jail and forcefully deported. Families are breaking down and children suffer. In schools, colleges, and universities students are being persecuted for  any statement against fascism or Trump.


Памятная акция в честь жертв стрельбы в церкви в Сатерленд Спрингс в Техасе, США. 5 ноября 2017


6. Continued an extremely aggressive foreign policy consisting of wars, sanctions, provocations, and threats for the past 17 years in the Middle East. Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003), Libya (2011), and Syria (2011) were occupied and were nearly destroyed simply because the governments of these countries are not strong enough to stand up to the United States. Yugoslavia (1999), Haity (2010), and Ukraine (2013) have a similar situation. Such a policy caused a slump in economics that has impoverished the population. IG militants have hidden in Syria and war criminals are being protected in the United States.

Related image

This is not a Tora-Bora caves. This is village of people, fields and gardens.


7. On April 13th, 2017, Trump dropped an enormous bomb on Afghanistan and Pakistan. There are approximately 20, 000 victims among the civilian population. Not only are the human losses disastrous, the consequences for the environment is also devastating. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai immediately issued a sharp criticism, calling the U.S. actions inhumane and accused the country for using Afghanistan as a testing ground for new mass destroying weapons.


8.  In Washington DC, there were human sacrifices that brought on the torture of children on August 21st during a solar Eclipse. That's the reason why on the 8th of September has begun a terrifying force of hurricanes that came one after another. Florida and the adjacent Islands, including the two of Trump’s residence, were totally destroyed


9. On October, the burning of real estate in California began after an unprecedented fire broke out in strength and scale which could not be stopped for two months. There were hundreds of human victims and thousands are missing. Many cities were lost, famous vineyards destroyed, and forests and capitals devastated. Zhitnitsa, USA burned almost to the ground.


10. Trump did not express any support to the residents of California nor to the firefighters, even on Christmas Day. It is not just inhumane; it also indicates his direct involvement in the monstrous crime. As the saying goes «The hat burns on the arsonist!».


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Special «thanks» to Trump for California


11. On October 10th, Trump announced US withdrawal from UNESCO. He does not need the humanity values be save on our planet. Maybe this ok for him, but why he is saying that from our names?


12. On December 6th Trump announced that the US embassy will transfer to Jerusalem, declaring it the capital of the state of Israel. As a result, earthquakes in the USA began as well as the monstrous fire Thomas consumed Sothern California. Moreover, a new round of war immediately occurred in the Middle East as well as in Asia. In Jerusalem and Bethlehem, for the first time in all of Modern History, pilgrimages to the holy cities were thwarted as The Nativity of Christ was not observed. Trump is the one responsible for shutting down the Christmas Lights in Jerusalem and Bethlehem and in his own White House.


13. On December 24th the traditional State dinner at the White House as well as addressing the nation on Christmas were not observed. It's all right though -- there's nothing to boast and there's nothing to report.


«Thanks to you», President Trump, that within a year of your Presidency

so many people were killed, hundreds of cities, entire states and countries were destroyed,

and so many good traditions of America were just forgotten


«Thanks to you», for the destruction of families, for discrimination towards the talented youth of America,

and for the torment of its children.


For the continued terrorism against the whole world

Solely due to the insane idea that the US and Israel should dominate!


«Thank you,» since because of you, the Christmas Lights in the Holy Land were shut down!


And a special «thank you» for California!


The only thing we do not understand is

what the heck are you doing under the Christmas tree?


Губернатор штата Техас Грег Эббот выступает перед журналистами. 5 ноября 2017

Devin Kelly wasn’t under FBI control due to Pentagon’s crime.

12. 26. 2017


People of America,


This is what happened during for the only one, first year!


Think about.



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