JOHN THE BAPTIST: the greatest example of the worship worthy of the Lord and finding His Truth by a man. Let's listen to his legacy.

Why Judaism categorically denies hierarchical structure of the higher worlds? It's time to move from the primitive understanding of spirituality, which corresponds only to the level of development of a society 5000 years ago. In the higher worlds as well as in the human world, there are different levels of enlightenment, trust and responsibility; there are the main and ordinary members. There are a leader and his assistant, the «right hand», «left-hand», the chosen once supported by that special trust, and are especially close. And what is the big deal, what is so special about it that forces you to feud and fight for thousands of years, to the point of forbidding crossroads on the road? Jesus Christ – is The Chapter «Peoples department».  He is entrusted with the most hectic and demanding part of creation: human civilization, with all its problems and achievements. And what favorite aide, who honestly and faithfully executes important assignments, will The Commander not approve or reward or call him his son?


Let the new times come!


For the Kingdom of HEAVEN!

The APPEAL of LUCH to the dear hearts of the Jewish people

Metahistorically, John the Baptist became a watershed for the nation of the Jews; the historical barrier - on the border between its Ancient and Recent history. Jewish people genuinely loved and revered John the Baptist as a man of God. They feared and obeyed him. However, when John stated to everyone that he was coming one with the One «whose sandals laces, I'm not worthy to stoop and untie», – they did not listen. They failed to recognize the Lord. In the Gospel of Mark (Chapter 1) states just for how long, from the time of Isaiah, the people of the Jews had been warned about the coming of the Messiah, the Redeemer of the world. But the One who gave Moses and the Burning Bush, freedom from Egyptian captivity , the Commandments , the Promised Land , David, Solomon , the heroes and prophets, and – without any account of Good and Grace – that One they did not see or recognized.


John the Baptist was the last saint, which the Jewish people were honored with as a true prophet. Then it was the time of false prophets, which, unfortunately, continues to this day. It is a time of falling away from the truth and of the spiritual degradation. It is a long, painful way back. The road that brought us to the antichrist and modern Zionism: serving openly to Baal, mammon, to witchcraft with human sacrifice, to torture of innocent children and international terrorism. Judaism has degraded to Satanism, to the absolute substitution of religious foundations. And all these misfortunes began with disobedience to the Prophet John the Baptist.


After all the evil of this world never rests on its laurels and always craves more and more «victories», for the world's evil nature is predatory. And people that are not used to having heard of John Prophet have tumbled down to the world’s despot. And it continues to go downhill. Any attempts to establish itself with money, violence, witchcraft, lies, – will never succeed to those who knew the times of incalculable spiritual glory: life with God. However, there is no limit to the mercy of peoples Creator. It is never too late to admit to the mistakes. Never too late to repent and ask for forgiveness. We should just stop and think. Remember how we went over Jordan. To confess sins, recognize mistakes and then bathed in the holy waters of the Stream. To remember incomparable with anything happiness of the pure soul before God.


Today is the time for us to go back to the origins. The origins that are crystal pure and marvelous, they are wise and lofty. How tired you are of life without Heavenly Beauty, without the air of mountain heights, without your Urim and Thummim? During Prophet Samuel’s times, God gave Israel an earthly king, but took away the Urim and Thummim, The Light and Perfection. Until king, God spoke directly to the high priest, by playing with the sacred gems, and all knew from Him to do His will. How tired you must be to live without Light and Perfection, Alpha and Omega, Apparitions and the Truth? And tired of this senseless war that you are forced to lead against your will.


How much can you listen to and follow false leaders? They are greedy, they are angry; they keep you in prison, in solitary confinements of spiritual ignorance and in enmity with the world. But that is only half-troubles. The main thing is that they themselves do not want to know, to learn or discover. They arrogated themselves the right to interpret books, but they themselves do not make sense of any. Why do we dare say it? Simply because keeping in mind the past tradition and history of the Jew nation, scribes are banned to new knowledge or to the revelation of Christ, and thus to the future. That's your main problem, as a nation, as people: the spiritual blindness, spiritual ignorance and as a result, the full spiritual degradation.


«Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering», – Lord Jesus fearlessly exposed them (Luke 11:52)


Repent before God and acknowledge the greatest who ever lived on Earth, The Lord. No one would expect the Messiah with bricked up Golden Gates. You have been deceived and continue to stay deceived. Messiah has come more than 2 thousand years ago. He came and humbly, in tears, waits for you to accept him. He is not just your King and God, but also the Savior of the world. Praise Him! Bow and repent before Him .Devote to Him the best that is in your spirit. See him through spiritual eyes, trust Him, and your whole life will be different. Because Jesus of Nazareth is able to create everything you dreamed of. Things that you cannot buy with money. He will give you the true freedom, love, immortality and then Welfare, a world that no one will ever take away or destroy it.


First of all, Jesus who came to the House of Israel is your Lord.  And only then ours, those who love Him. Yes, maybe it was hard to understand 2000 years ago, maybe it was difficult to understand how God the Creator can exist in multiple faces. But today, Science and Education stepped so far, and spiritual experience of mankind has become a lot richer. The boundaries of consciousness have become freer understanding of the world’s creation is deeper, more transparent, and the souls of people have become braver. Today, you are able to accept what could your ancestors could not see and understand. How many visionaries are there of the evidence that supports the concept hierarchies. After all, in your own families and communities you have younger ones and those that older: the more important ones, who hold the responsibility of the position of the family or the community, and those who are less fortunate, ordinary members of your community. So why do you so categorically deny the hierarchical structure of the Higher Worlds?


Just like us, there are main and ordinary members there. There is a leader and his top aides, «right hand», «left- hand», the chosen ones, whom he particularly trusts, and especially close to. Just what we humans have. And what is there to raise fuss about? What is so important to feud over for thousands of years and go as far as banning crosswalks on the roads? Jesus Christ is the main Chapter of «Peoples Department» so to speak. He is entrusted with the most hectic and demanding part of creation: human civilization, with all its problems and achievements. Why Him? Because it is said to them: «I HAVE OVERCOME THIS WORLD» It wasn’t Caiaphas who said it, neither Moses Maimonides, nor Mohammed, nor Buddha, or Confucius. The Yellow Emperor hasn’t said it or the Indian Mahatmas. It was said and made in the Gospel by the only one of all the great who ever visited the Earth: by Jesus of Nazareth of Galilee. For which he called the Savior.


But you can also say it on other words: «for He is the personification of love», «because He is beautiful». «Because He is Light and Perfection, and those who believe in Him are truly happy». Let there be a choice for each one of you as there are no dogmas in Love. Of course someday we will understand and know all about Christ, but till then we can simply try to understand, to feel and believe. Another reason to believe is what you have today as evidence of his majesty: the millennium of the Christian era, all the worlds achievements of Christian Culture and the millions of saved souls are the testimony of Him. We are not talking here about the wonders of the exploits of the ascetics, of the revelation of the Tradition of the Church – not about things that are not shared by you yet.


But we are united in the most important: a genuine love for God, a desire to know ourselves and the world that surrounds us. Is not that enough? May there be coming of New Times: brotherhood, mutual respect and mutual understanding. Let St. John the Baptist unite and reconcile us yet again. You have always trusted him, loved and respected him. Please, REMEMBER EVERYTHING THAT PROPHET SAID YOU ABOUT CHRIST! Why such enlightened, talented and wise people as the Jews, because of the cave ignorance of following the ancient Pharisees, must mentally remain in the 3rd millennium BC? The Pharisees were not listening to the Word of God and did not understand His Revelations. In order to keep the power they took excerpts from the speech of Christ. The only basics that was profitable. And spread it all over the place like magpies on the tail.


Therefore, so far you are not free from the ideology of hatred and enmity to all those who think differently. And that is why it is so important for Israel to have an external enemy and the feeling of being in a state of war. That is why it is necessary to read The Gospel yourself, instead of listening to someone lie about the gospel. All of these remnants and the inertia of the old ideology of a bloody feud with the whole world must be left finally, in the past. We must see the world for what it is today: a multifaceted, kind, educated, beautiful, and created to be equal for all, ready for fraternal, mutually respectful, creative relationship.


Certainly understand that a lot of steps should be done to meet each other in this regard. The most importantly, read the edition of the New Testament in Hebrew (or ancient Aramaic), and so you can finally hear the voice of Christ and his live speech saved for you by his students and the Virgin Mary. Also a ban for Kabala practice, as we see it, is as necessary. The science of Kabala as a spiritual harmony of the universe, about self-improvement may still remain, but the practice to manipulate people's minds, especially with the intent to cause them any harm, should be discontinued. It also requires a complete rejection of the idea of world domination, leadership or supremacy.


And all together now we have to learn to remember that just as the idea of ​​peace and good neighborliness, and as the main idea of ​​the good life of man on earth : in love and loyalty to God ( and loyalty is obedience ) efforts should be made to take root in people's hearts. We all struggle for peace. Let us work together for the Kingdom of God and for the truth of His suffering in our world. It was taught to us and this great task is a historical example of St. John the Baptist, whose holly memory we honor together on this day. So, let’s move forward, to our common, bright future! May God bless us!



… And in tears He awaits for your sincere conversion.


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33



It exudes myrrh since January 9, 2011 at the Pokrovoskaya Church of small town Yazikovo in Bashkiria.

There are 8 icons crying and streaming myrrh at this church, including the Theotokos of Vladimir. Source





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