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April, 27 – 2013






All of these kings, the metropolitans and the spiritual leaders of the ROCOR, the confessors of the Orthodox faith, was brutally killed by the CIA and the KGB conspiracy.

The very Church Abroad – murdered and destroyed. Thousands of Her children all over the world killed in the trail of their masters.


The canonical Patriarch IRENAEUS is still alive,

Who for the last 8 years, as a result of international political conspiracy, has been in prison over the Holy Sepulcher

Prior to his arrest, many have tried to buy him off and then slander, and for the first time in the history of Jerusalem Patriarchate founded by Lord's brother James (140 Patriarchs) was subjected to a complete isolation from the world.


In a political conspiracy against the canonical Patriarch Irenaeus of Jerusalem, the most active part of The Washington’s pseudo-priest Potapov-Golden, Patriarch Kirill and fugitive KGB General Kalugin played the most active role in a political conspiracy against the canonical Patriarch Irenaeus of Jerusalem. The so called «Synod’s wolves» initiated a meeting in 2005 and bypass all the canonical rules, using the minority vote, stripped of the rank and the title the only legitimate Patriarch of Jerusalem, who was behind the incorruptible purity of the Orthodox faith and was relentless in banishing the homosexuals from our temples. It is followed by the same  «scenario» as CIA (slander, violence, lies, murder of the leaders , seizures of property, bribery and forgery of documents), destroyed the Church Abroad, led by First Hierarch, m. Vitaly (Ustinov), and killing thousands of children of the True church of Christ.


The «Wolves Gathering» in Jerusalem in 2005 – an exact copy of the Council of Bishops in 2001, when on October 25, bypassing all the canonical rules, Archbishop Laurus Shkurla hoisted metropolitan miter on him and usurped the power of the church. There was an earthquake in New York City on that same day. Shkurla, a longtime KGB agent, destroyed all the traditions of the ROCOR and plunged it into a shameful union with the MP, for which he received awards in the Kremlin from Putin. Today, the so called «patriarch» Theophyl has taken such predatory role, pleasing the antichrists. It is for the same scenario by the CIA and the KGB, the Catacomb Church and the Autonomous Church are being destroyed till this very day. Valentine (Rusantsov) – The Primate of the schismatic Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church and metropolitan bishop of Suzdal and Vladimir – was murdered by electrocution on January 16, 2012.


Following the scenario of violence and slandering and by bribing Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople, the Jews were trying to topple the Bulgarian Patriarch MAXIM (Naydenov,† 2012), which details are described by Patriarch Irenaeus in his interview with A. Dobychina. He was being actively drawn into this dubious deal, he was also asked to vote for the overthrow of Maxim. Not only Patriarch of Jerusalem refused but condemned all the participated conspirators as well. Their revenge was soon to follow: libel, ballooning the dirty hysteria in the media and subsequently arrest. Patriarch Kirill also stood at the head of the conspiracy against Patriarch Alexi II and his brutal murder on the night of the 5th of December in the year 2008 in Moscow.


And what about the shooting and bombing, followed by the 40 day siege of the Temple of  Holy Sepulcher in Bethlehem by Sharon’s army in 2002? Followed by multiple, violent attempts of officials to close it, shut off the electricity and water, to take away from this temple of believers in the Holy Land? What is this if not a world conspiracy? And how else would you explain this monstrous political bullying and discrimination of entire Orthodox countries? Of their peoples and leaders: Yugoslavia, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Armenia, Venezuela, South Ossetia – the U.S., Turkey, Israel and the EU? All these facts are historical; it clearly shows the extent of the conspiracy against Orthodoxy and its main «masterminds». And what, if not a conspiracy against the faith, the global hysteria with «boy-wizard»: megaton Fiction, presentations involving top officials, global industry horror and witchcraft? What is a billion-dollar fee to Brown and JK Rowling, who made megastars out of all modern tabloids? This is an unprecedented psychological pressure, «brainwashing» to engage in spiritual ruin millions of souls; open war with the faith and to Christ for all humanity.


Back in 2009, the year when the Baroness Caroline Cox raised the issue of global genocide of Christians before the House of Lords and stated such figures as more than «250,000 Christians are abused every year». Given that not one Jew, according to the officials, are not being abused or harassed in the world today. In Russia, the Putin regime civilians are killed every day as a result of terrorist attacks, political and ritual killings, harassment or incitement to suicide by the security services. Murdered are hundreds of thousands of journalists, human rights defenders, academics, artists, public figures and politicians and the military servants. Killed are the best of the best, cream of the nation. Thousands of Russian Orthodox children are being killed and sold abroad for organ distribution and in the arms of pedophiles. Even though children are adopted from all over the world, it is only Russian children that being murdered by their imaginary «adoptive parents» of the U.S. Not others. What is it if not genocide?


Who was most of all «unhappy» with Patriarch of Jerusalem? Of course, Washington (B’nait B'rith and the masons of United States, led by Henry Kissinger), the European Union and masonic world government, which aggressively impose the ideology of antichrist to the world, and with the help of bribery, violence and lies to all of the countries and each country separately. This particular interview with the Patriarch Irenaeus in October, 28 -- 2012 was conducted by Alex Dobychin. Among his other accomplishments he is also the head of the Union «Holy Russia». During this interview, Patriarch Irenaeus speaks openly about the fact that in the Orthodox Church is a wielding mob that destroys all of those unfavorable and delivering those that are venal and obeying. And then Ecumenists dare to say that for them «all religions are equal»? Ecumenism – heresy of heresies, which has a single goal: the complete destruction of the Orthodox faith and the precipitation of all mankind to hell. This is a mask of «unity of religions», behind which is the crime against God and a man and all of humanity: an attempt of complete destruction of Orthodoxy and Christianity.


We demand the immediate release and re instatement of ALL RIGHTS of CANONICAL PATRIARCH Irenaeus!


We demand put the immediate STOP to THE PERSECUTION, discrimination and murder OF CHRISTIAN IN THE WORLD!


We Demand international investigation of all these crimes and definite punishment to all those responsible!


Shame to the worst enemies of Orthodoxy, to the creators of the world’s Gestapo

Murderers of innocent people – Potapov-Golden, Kalugin, Putin, Gundyaev!




The Skype-interview with the most Blessed Patriarch IRENAEUS of Jerusalem and Palestine

October, 28 – 2012.


This protest was submitted to the following organizations:

The UN and its Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, New York.

The UN Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva

The International Committee on Torture in Geneva

Francis Pope in the Vatican,

The EU and the ECHR in Brussels,

To the president and the U.S. Congress in Washington, DC, Maryland, USA.

Presidents, Parliaments in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Internal Affairs:

Israel, Palestine, Greece, Russia, USA, Canada, France, Great Britain.

Governments of all countries in the United Nations,

To all human rights, civil and social organizations of these countries,

To personal addresses human rights advocates, Art and Culture,

To the scientists, public figures and citizens.




The Protest in Russian





LUCH 2013