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June, 24 – 2013 г.

 Snowden is trapped by FSB in Moscow

Unite and join efforts in the struggle for life of Edward Snowden


He exposed the truth, which destroyed the world of total lies and manipulation.

To DEFEND THE TRUTH is the sacred duty of every person.

But he made ​​a terrible mistake by believing provocateurs and arriving in Moscow.


The life of man who has told the truth about the «working methods» and the total surveillance of the civilian population by U.S. intelligence, exposed to mortal danger. It is known that Snowden flew to Moscow, on June 23rd and has arrived to Sheremetyevo Airport as a transit passenger to Havana. He bought the tickets and checked in for the flight, but the plane took off from Sheremetyevo without him. As of now, what happened to him or where is he at is not known. It is clear that he is not at the Sheremetyevo, which is occupied by the media.


On June 25 Putin has officially confirmed that Snowden is in Moscow. But not a word was mentioned on the subject of his condition, safety and whereabouts. However he did overemphasized that it would be disadvantageous for him as a politician to handle such situation as Snowden’s. So, Edward Snowden is currently in the dungeons of the FSB. Since he did not appear in the Embassy of Ecuador, did not establish a connection, either live or at least the possibility of an open press conference with reporters, where he could be seen firsthand, it is most likely that the authorities of the Russian Federation and the president himself  has kidnapped and are hiding Edward Snowden.


Perhaps he has already been transferred to the U.S. Embassy. Probably taken to the FSB's country residence, where he was drugged or manipulated over, in the style of a-la-KGB-and-Putin. Putin, as always, lies, saying something on «cut a pig». His pig, which he cuts with the U.S. authorities are very, very well-fed and hairy. We all know how and what Putin is doing for billions of dollars. We all know that he is corrupt and is NATO’s henchmen. We all saw how he made up his FSB buddy A. Dmitriev as Gia Targamadze, for the movie on Udaltsov, and then how everything went against the opposition. Finally, all well aware that his friend and financial confidant, Lord of War, Bout, is now in U.S. custody. And most importantly, what we know about the current president of Russia is the fact that he is a professional liar, a scoundrel and a scumbag, capable of anything.


That is why Putin has many personal reasons to keep Edward Snowden and demand from the United States his required conditions. And he will do it with pleasure, since he believes that the press and the media are in his «pocket» and no one will ever know the truth. However, all of those who are following Edward Snowden’s case today are not in the hands of Putin. Not all of them are under the influence of his propaganda. Therefore we appeal to you, dear compatriots in Russia and abroad, and all the honest people of the planet who cares of what’s to come tomorrow: sound the alarm!


Life of Edward Snowden is in a real danger! Do not believe the assurances of Putin or Julian Assange about his alleged «total security». Demand a press conference and a live broadcast with Edward Snowden. Pray for his life and salvation. Today is so much at stake for the future: whether it will be with a human face, honest and truthful, or whether we will have a total global slavery by secret services. Combine your efforts, mobilize your spiritual opportunities to strengthen your will, and do not believe a word of the official press. Do not let the politicians impose violence upon your identity and show lawlessness in the eyes of the world! We believe in our strength and unity, in your conscience to the world and the victory of truth and goodness.


Snowden is in paws of the FSB!


Putin as always, calculating how much he would be paid.


WE WILL not allow for EVIL and Lies to triumph!



Free Edward Snowden!


Putin’s, Lavrov’s and Assange’s lies


RICARDO PATIN’O, Ecuador's Foreign Minister: «Snowden documents were submitted by our diplomats in Sheremetyevo on June 23». So, where is Edward Snowden?


Moreover, he hasn’t been seen for the past 4 days, Snowden has gone off the air and made no calls to his confidants. Putin and Lavrov openly lie, saying that «it is necessary for him to determine «the country of his choice»; which is a blatant lie, since E. Snowden has documents of the refugee of Ecuador. Assange is also lying like a trooper and his scribbles on Twitter looks completely implausible. We all know exactly the way Edward Snowden speaks or writes. Twitter is a well-known tool of manipulating one’s intelligence.


Everything suggests that Edward Snowden is under arrest and being illegally held against his will in Moscow. If Edward Snowden was free and remained in Sheremetyevo (as alleged by Putin and Lavrov), on his own, then he would be free to cancel his expensive reservation to Havana on the 24th or 25th.However, the Aeroflot claims that Snowden did not do it and the company was forced to cancel the reservation on its own an hour before departure. Again, «determination of the country of choice», for Edward Snowden is not necessary since he is in the possession of the  refugee of Ecuador documents submitted by the diplomats on Sunday June 23rd. The documents are all in order, and Julian Assange again just lying. Assange’s   statement on the issue of Snowden remaining  forever in Russia, is also strange if not suspicious. Since Snowden never spoke about it and did not appeal to the Government of the Russian Federation.


That is why we do not believe what is written on Twitter. We do not believe the organization WikiLeaks and Julian Assange and believe him and Sarah Harrison (Kristin Hrafnsson), who followed Edward Snowden in Moscow, to be the CIA agents.





LUCH 2013