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     The miracle is alive, continues, and unites people in Joy and Love





Dear Readers, all of our friends, and everyone who knew Jose Cortes and keeps the loving memory of him and his amazing icon!


Let us congratulate all of you with the Day of The Greatest Miracle of the past hundred years – the beginning of her myrrh- streaming. Today marks the 24th anniversary of this event.


On the night of November 24th, in Montréal, in a tiny apartment of an unknown artist/icon painter, the big icon of Holy Mary began to stream myrrh and bear priceless oils. The painter brought the icon back with him from Athens in October 1982.


The Iveron Montreal Icon is Odiguitria, guide, and showing the way. The Miracle that happened did not have analogues in the entire history of the Church and maybe  in the Christianity: Odigitria streamed myrrh continuously for 15 years until the victorious death of its chosen one on October 31, 1997.  


Via the Jose’s icon, God streamed lots of mercy, revelation, and miracles and gave spiritual strengthening to everybody who approached the sacred object with belief and hope. Fragrance myrrh anointed millions – the world really has changed and it will never be as before. There was born and grown a generation of children, who will save and multiply its believe on the base of deep personal impressions. All catches of the materialistic world will be powerless before the strength of such belief.


As petals of a heavenly Rose, the Montreal Iveron Icon flew over countries and continents – by millions of copies, photos, and prints. It is not only our past and not a single story – miracles and healings from the Cross of the martyr in Jordanville and from copies of the icon around the world continue to happen excessively. Now already icons of Jose himself, created in the Optina Pustyn, in Holy Land and on Aphon started to stream the myrrh in many temples inside and outside Russia. Jose helps everybody who appeals to him in a prayer.


The main idea of the Iveron Miracle and the main content of all Jose’s efforts is penance and union of people and nations in the spirit of Love and Goodness. The main work of his life already brings great fruits. The work continues successfully and let us to hope that spiritual healing of the mankind is not behind the mountains.


On this great day we bring our thankfulness to God the Creator, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Theotokos, and Royal martyrs, all Saints, and new Russian martyrs – for the Exploit of Their Love and Devotion to the mankind enslaved by sin.


                       We pray and say with great thankfulness “Thanks God for Everything”                      


We thank Jose and his mom, Maria Cortes-Fernandez and all people who with faith and love served to the Iveron Miracle. Here are their holy names. Eternal memories to them!


The Iveron icon of Theotokos, created by a Greek monk on Athon, started to stream myrrh in Montreal, in the apartments of a Spaniard by origin, Chilean by birth, and Russian by his spiritual believes, indeed is an international worship object. She is a Guide for everybody who sincerely is looking for God and set hopes upon Him. 


The lost Ideal – Divine Beauty and Heavenly Harmony, high Sorrow and Gentleness - found again on the Earth. By the waves of infinite grace, the miracle is alive, victoriously continues, and unites people in joy and love. Handsome face of Theotokos, reproaching, pleading not to forget Savior, agitates everybody, understandable to adults, and children, and Christians of all confessions, and people of different faith, and non-believers. God is with us!


Jose’s icon and he himself will stay with us forever. They are the lightest Winning, the most beautiful future, the greatest, since the world creation and Christ Coming, Gift to people, to grow us in Spirit and turn into holy men and women. That is the will of Creator about us – and let His holy will come true!




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                                                          THE TRUE LIGHTNING OF AMERICA

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          GOD IS WITH US!

                Look for Him with all your heart and you will get Him in the whole Mercy and Grace!







        LUCH 2006