Our planet never knew such example of darkness and evil attack. The resolute moment and examination in our maturity has come.

The Palestinian Land and Israel territories are the main historical and religious area of the world that belongs equally to all people... It is not only a political task to stop the act of vandalism in the Middle East... The absolute evil is human indifference... Any believer has no right to be reconciled by that under pretext of the interethnic conflict, the ancient enemy of the Christ and our eternity life takes away from us the holiness... This war is against humanity and against all of us...


«And when He was came near (Jerusalem), He beheld the city, and wept over it, saying, If you had know, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong into thy peace» Luke, 19, 41 – 42.


The Ethical Committee «RAY» starts the campaign

«To provide an international status and reliable protection for the sites of pilgrimage on the Holy Land» 

Make them the places of peace and unification people with God.




STOP the violence on the Holy Land!

Only because of miracle the Church Of Nativity in Bethlehem had survived. Mankind, wake up, unit and start acting!


04. 04. 2002 After peace initiatives of Vatican, USA and Europe, named as «peace in exchange for territories», from the end of March 2002, many new outbursts of enmity and many acts of violence had again happened in the Holy Land. After the series of terrorist’s attacks in Israel (in Haifa on March, 30), peace inhabitants were lost, women and children have suffering again, and Israel began scale military actions named «The wall of Protection» against Palestine. On the March, 31, Israel Forces occupied 6 out of 7 cities on the Western Banks, including Bethlehem, Bethany and Jericho. Only names of this towns cause the sacred trembling in the souls of believers


Since April 1, near Bethlehem the Church Of Nativity, where the most ancient and most holy relicts of Christian History are besieged, the street fights are continuing. City and the area in a front of the Church filled with the bodies of victims. And each victim shot at the walls of this Church – is shot at the heart of Christians.


The World Christian Community, the United Nations and EU undertake while inefficient efforts to interfere with the conflict and to stop this wild madness. However, the Israeli Government, and personally Ariel Sharon, not let the international peacemakers and journalists in a zone of operations. Any attempts to remove and make the independent recording are being immediately interrupted by the noisy bombs. Most of the press articles about this conflict are obviously tendentious. Foreign tourists and pilgrims are in an extra hurry to be evacuated from Bethlehem, active surrounding of the Church of Nativity proceeds. Almost all Christian churches and relics are seized by Palestinians or besieged by Israelis. 


The Holy Land is in black clouds of fratricidal hatred and madness right now. It is filled with blood, is covered with wounds by bombs and shells, tormented with caterpillars of thousand tanks and rocket installations. In Holy of the Holiest of Christianity there is the orgy of murders and desecrations of basic relics. In a sight of guns and tanks – in literal sense of this word the Cradle, the Beginning, the Source of the Christian civilization and culture, when the major moment of it happened and the Light has come in the World for enlighten people. 


Our planet never knew such example and fury of forces of darkness and evil. In contrary to protests and all the efforts of the World Christian Community and personally Pop John Paul II, in contrary to any reasonable sense, there is an active at the all levels of DESTRUCTION of the HOLY LAND is taking place. Only the heavy overcast and fog did not allow Israelis to use aircraft bombing and be completely done and destroy it totally. We are all responsible for this. The moment for main exam of our humanity has come. Do all of us understand, what has truly happened? Have we become wiser and protect our main relics? Whether we shall manage to keep and rescue the Holy Land for our descendants? 



About last events in the Middle East and on the Holy Land


The Cradle of Christianity – is in tanks-sights. We all are responsible!

The time is over. The resolute moment and examination in our maturity has come. This war is definitely against our God. This war is the war with His Blessing to all of us. This is the war against True, History and Education. So, it is the war against Life on the Earth. It is the war against all of us living here and against those who will come later. In this war there cannot be winners.


Anger is not terrible in itself: «do not be afraid of killing the body» – called us Jesus. But it magnificently blossoms in the atmosphere of our indifference and welcomes to do it. 2002 ago Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem to come for all and for everyone with words «peace to you God came to ALL PEOPLE, does not matter of their skin color or nationality. There are no Greeks or Jews for HimAnd because of this the Land of Palestine and Israel is not only their personal state territory. It belongs to mankind. It is our main spiritual treasure and an inexhaustible source of belief for pilgrims from the whole world around us.

Do not deprive yourselves and your descendants of our main treasure! Rescue the Holy Land from defilement and utter annihilation, protect and save it for your children and grandchildren!


We declare a district PROTEST and demand an immediate SETTLEMENT of the war situation on the Holy Land. Besides of innocent victims matter, there are a lot of unprecedented spiritual disasters and blasphemies may happen there. This can bring an irreparable damage to a spiritual condition of whole mankind. And even more, it can put our unit future under a big question. A true believer must not reconcile with the situation when, under the musk of the interethnic conflict, the real war against greatest humanity values took place. The ancient enemy of Christ is trying to destroy our holiest treasures, our Religion, Culture and History. By angriness and blood flows, by screams and filings of panic and fears, by tanks earth shaking and bombs noise, the place of the greatest Revelations and the main Sacraments of faith are totally destroying.


This is not only a political task. This is an examination for all of us and a test of our true love to God. May be our call – is the last hope for people future. If we truly believe and if we are true children of God, we have no right to remain indifferent to those inconceivable blasphemies and violations in the Holy Land. The Secretary General of United Nations, Kofi Annan, acting on one of last sessions of the Council of Europe, has declared, that protecting his citizens from terrorism, Israel has no right to break down norms of the international cooperation and safety. It would be desirable to add, that especially it is impossible to break ethical and moral standards to trample and destroy universal values. All people of good will should unite the efforts and give resolute repulse to evil whatever form it uses to hide itself.


Stop the violence and bloodshed on the Holy Land!


Stop the bloodshed in the Cradle of Love!


Stop the Holy Land distraction! It is the only one and there will never be another.


Freedom and peace to the churches, relics, and sites of pilgrimage!


Give to all of believers the opportunity for praying and acquiring blessing in the Holy Land!


We should show our active position and wisdom. We can inspire Creator to grant us with peace on the planet and in our own souls. The Ethics Committee «RAY» starts to gather signatures of people of good will, Christians, and other believers around the world in support of our protest and for PROVIDING to the SITES OF PILGRIMAGE an INTERNATIONAL STATUS (see the end of this material). 


Tanks are in Bethlehem's gardens!

The March of born blinds.


Tanks are near the walls of Bethlehem! 

The Church of Nativity is besieged!

Our world allows dilemmas 

In a Place of King was born. 


Small steel bugs hit the roads

Jump rashly, in plague's rhythm,

Over cradles and baptismal fonts 

Where all of us born too.


Tanks – got in the miracle arteries!

Tanks – are in the Holy of Holiness! 

Black clouds and corpses are there

Where is the Most Glory of who are living. 


This war is against our God, 

It is against His Eternal Truth. 

Those who throw balls

Like in the private bowling room, 

Play games in their minds wrongly.


They do not understand, 

That them rates are so miserable. 

Not in a tiny market shop –

The tanks are counting the corners


And not above the bakeries 

The echo of an ancient disaster booms. 

This is the thirst of revenge

Incinerates traces – 


Tears and forces the roads, 

On which our Savior left over His footprints. 

And the blinds born just spat

On the Councils of Europe 


They who are not communicants

To the Light and see nothing, 

Trying hard to lie 

And turn over human brains. 


Tanks – are in Bethlehem's gardens! 

Frenzied, jumping with angriness,

And with not listening to Profits,

But just with them own wishes

to return in wildness. 


They try to break by tanks Sanctity 

And revolt against the Law 

But the Word named and set up 


Till the End from Above.



If you support this Memorandum and will to put the signature under it, go here. In case of temporal technical problems send a short message on support with the indication of the name, occupation, address and any information you want to lgumerov@yahoo.com


Your signatures will be transferred to the United Nations, to the Security Council of Europe, to the President of USA George Bush, and to the Leaders of the Governments of conflicting sides in the Middle East. We will inform about the results of this action permanently on a site http://www.luchmir.com 





















Bethlehem. April 2-9, 2002. This photos are of AP and Reuters.


1. View of the door of the Church of the Nativity in the Old City of Bethlehem, April 8, 2002. Israeli troops fired shots at the Church and battled Palestinian gunmen in the West Bank towns of Jenin and Nablus, defying U.S. demands that they end their offensive. (Magnus Johansson/Reuters)

2. Smoke billows of the left side of the compound of the Church of the Nativity in the Old City of Bethlehem, April 8, 2002. Israeli troops and tanks in a five-day standoff with Palestinians holed up in the church opened fire at the building, causing a blaze in the offices belonging to a local monastery, the governor of the West Bank city said. (Oleg Popov/Reuters)

3. A group of Israeli soldiers take cover behind an APC as they advance near the Nativity church in the old part of Bethlehem, April 5, 2002. The Israeli army said it helped four priests slip out of the church. They appeared to be the first clergy to leave the church, one of Christianity's holiest sites, since about 200 Palestinian gunmen and civilians burst in when Israeli troops invaded the West Bank town on Tuesday. (Magnus Johansson/Reuters) 

4. Israeli soldiers check their weapons after leaving the West Bank city of Bethlehem at the Gilo checkpoint at the outskirts of Jerusalem, April 5, 2002. Secretary of State Colin Powell will leave Sunday for a Middle East mission aimed at bringing Israelis and Palestinians closer to peace, State Department spokesman Philip Reeker said Friday. (Flash 90/Reuters) 

5. A group of demonstrators gathers near the Israeli embassy in Washington Thursday, April 4, 2002, to protest Israeli actions in the West Bank. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)


 The same cannot be repeat !

We all are responsible!


We can protect together the Holy Land from violence, desecrations and destructions!







LUCH 2002